Wesleyhaven Staff

Meet some of our wonderful team and learn about their history and experience.

Wesleyhaven Staff

At the front desk

One of the first people you meet at the front desk is Jeania Tetava. We often refer to  Jeania as  ‘our director of first impressions,’ and in her important administration support role, you’ll find that there isn’t much that escapes Jeania. She is well equipped to answer your questions in a friendly and helpful manner.

Sitting right behind Jeania is Claire Stewart who manages Wesleyhaven’s financial accounts. As ‘Finance and administration support’ person, Claire keeps a financial eye on everything we do.

Between the two of these key people you’ll find most of the answers you need, and if they don’t know the answers, then  they will point you in the right direction.

Karen Rhind – Village Manager

Born and bred in Invercargill, Karen ventured forth to live in Christchurch, Wellington, Gisborne, Auckland, Edinburgh, London and Den Haag as well as spending a few months traveling in the USA.  Along the way she obtained the following qualifications: RN (Registered Nurse), RM, (Registered Midwife), ADN (Advanced Diploma in Nursing), BA (Bachelor of Arts in Education),and  MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

Karen’s post  experience  has covered  the complete  life cycle from birth (Midwifery) to death (Hospice/Palliative Care), and in between, acute and long-term care, education and the justice system.  This experience was gained by work experience working in; Medical and Surgical fields, Opthalmology, Emergency Department, Outpatients, Liver Failure Unit, Renal ward, Intensive Care Unit, Aged Residential Care, and as a Nursing Lecturer/Tutor and Manager with the Community Probation Service.  A little waitressing and chambermaiding  in NZ, Holland and Scotland were also part of the mix.

Jill Hart – Hospital Manager, Wesleyhaven Hospital

Jill was born in Ashburton and grew up in Methven.  She studied nursing in 2007 in Palmerston North at UCOL.

Jill worked at a lot of Rest Homes throughout the Horowhenua and Manawatu, and did 3 years in the community as a community nurse and practice nurse.  She also worked at a nurse led clinic in Himatangi with a focus on reaching hard to reach clients.

Jill loves dealing with complicated people and loves challenges.  She has a passion for working with people from lower decile groups.

Jill started as a Registered Nurse at Wesleyhaven in late 2014 and was promoted to Hospital Manager early in 2015 when Colette Sweeney went on Maternity Leave.

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Helen Greaney – Quality Co-ordinator

Helen grew up in Palmerston North, and lived in Hastings for most of her career as a Medical Scientist, until she moved to Lower Hutt recently with her husband and children.  Her husband works at St Pats in Silverstream.

Medical Scientists often do lots of shift work with unusual hours because in a hospital environment many of the departments (such as the emergency department, operating theatres and maternity) need their blood tests back quickly.  Helen is really enjoying her new role both working days, and with people. She’s enjoying getting to know our residents and staff.

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Leilanie Sagun – Strand Rest Home Manager

Leilanie (Lanie) is originally from the Philippines and has been living in New Zealand since 2010.  Lanie has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and joined us early in 2016 as our Registered Nursing Manager at Strand.

Lanie is really enjoying working for a not for profit aged care facility. She loves the quality of care that the staff provide to the residents at Wesleyhaven and says that the focus is really on the residents. The fact that so many of our staff have been at Wesleyhaven for years means that the staff and residents are like family.

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Leigh Candy – Strand Rest Home Assistant Manager

Leight was born in Taranaki, but raised in the Hutt Valley where she has lived ever since.

Trained as Registered Nurse with 20 years experience at Hutt hospital, Leigh’s work history includes 10 years in Older Persons assessment and  rehabilitation.

Leigh spent 10 years with Healthcare New Zealand  as  a co-ordinator of home support services for older  people or people with a disabilities before coming to Wesleyhaven in 2011, where she worked part-time while looking after her own parents.

In 2013 Leigh took on the role of Manager at  Wesleyhaven’s Deckston rest home, and has since become Assistant Manager at Strand Rest Home.

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Tracey Scott – Recreation Team Leader, Wesleyhaven Hospital

Born in Lower Hutt, where she has have lived most of her life, Tracey first worked  at Wesleyhaven in 1987 as a caregiver working evenings and weekends to fit around young children and husband.

Then in 1992 she  took leave to study  full-time Health Science and later returned  to Wesleyhaven  as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, before being made  the Recreation Co-ordinator (known then as Activity Officer).

Tracey is our Recreation Team Leader, she is based at the Wesleyhaven Hospital.  She works in conjunction with fellow Recreation Co-ordinators; Keith and Christine.

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"I love the fact that most of the staff have been here for a long time, there is a lot of loyalty from the staff, and the residents are really like their family"