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Visitors and Pets

Visitors and pets are part of Wesleyhaven’s extended family. We love to see you.

Regular visits from friends, family and pets engage residents and helps the time fly by, and guests help residents feel at home.

Visitors and pets are always welcome, we see you as part of our extended family.



Visitors are welcome to join us during the day and for meals. Where possible we appreciate some notice of such requests. The cost is $7.60 for lunch and $4.50 for the light evening. We have ample parking for guests too!

“Very friendly, and very family orientated. The staff treat you well, and most importantly they treat our family member with loving interest”


Pets are part of Wesleyhaven’s extended family. Dogs, cats, goldfish are regular visitors or residents at Wesleyhaven. There is also a large aviary to house our feathered friends. In addition, staff often bring their pets for the enjoyment of all.


"I love the family feel, very caring and inclusive"